CAISI - Client Access to Integrated Services and Information

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CAISI is an OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application Resource) based Project which aims to end chronic homelessness in Toronto by integrating different agencies and linking homeless people with them by keeping/updating and maintaining an archive. It aims to reduce the plight of homelessness by enhancing the integration of care between agencies at the individual and population levels using an electronic information system. It is used for various purposes like registering a homeless person, keeping track of his/her medical needs and records, agencies like rehab centers which he/she attends. Also, it has features to search and browse through the list of homeless people registered, to make reports of what a homeless person needs to do, when and where. It has links to different modules and plugins for the Community Justice Program, Addiction Program, Housing Worker program and the Infirmiry bed programs

Demo at [1] link [2]

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