Canning, Whitley, and Gigl - Possible Ideas for CPSC-225 Project

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

Ideas for humanitarian projects:

- TCERT Student Database. Useful for identifying unknown medically unstable individuals and their information i.e. Medical Records. Similar to Facebook but with Trinity Student info including Residence Hall, ID, class year, etc.

- In case of Nuclear War, a database of radioactive areas.

- An any event that involves volunteers web resource. So, for example, if a person/group wanted to organize an event (i.e. clean up graffiti on local building) they could post the event and recruit volunteers with their information who want to help out. Could sort based on region, activity, or type of event. Would work well for Habit for Humanity (as an example) and other volunteer organizations. People would also be able to find out about scheduled events (like an organizaed soup kitchen schedule). Means two user interface – people posting events and people volunteering/getting information on posted events. Also useful for concerts or generating publicity for non-profit ventures.


We think you should develop your third option, the event organizer or digital notice board, which as you suggest would be useful to many organizations. This project needn't be Sahana-base--that is, it could simply be developed as a standalone PhP/MySQL system. The functionality you describe seems just about right. Since you describe two user interfaces, may we suggest that you add a fourth partner. Peter Smith is still looking for a team to join and we have suggested that he contact your team. With a fourth partner a pair of developers could work on each interface.

Go for it! -- ram and trishan

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