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Student evacution Plan

This purpose of this program would be to oconstruct and direct a database of student in the case of emergencies, natural diasters etc. can find transportion to leave campus quickly as possible using the resources of other students and what the school offers. -Students that have vechiles on campus would be the main focus of this program and help other students that may not have any type of transportion to evacuate of campus or a given area. This database would assign other fellow students on campus that may live in thier specific dorms or dorm area with a student that a vecihle. Depending on the size and capacity of the vechile students can ce assigned different number of students that they can hold in their vechiles. This database would be update mainly by the student particularly the student driver, to report if their car is not working or they are not on cmapus or studying away for a semester etc. Given the information that is updated by the students, our program would then go in and change the assigned drive to another driver and email this change in information to the student. So there will be a way students helping student get to safty and then this can be linked to the school adminastration that they know who has a way of leaving in the moment of emergencies and for those that may still remain of campus they can take actions appropiately to make sure that the remaining students have transportion by the school and facuilty.


We think this is a terrific idea and would certainly fit within the spirit of Sahana. We suggest that this "Disaster Evacuation Manager" be designed to work interactively. That is, let those with cars (or buses if you own a transportation company) register the availability of the vehicle, its capacity, its departure time, and its location on Sahana. Then let users who need a ride, sign up for a vehicle that is nearby. The system would keep track of when the vehicle is full or the availability time has lapsed, removing from the display vehicles that are no longer available. It would also be nice if you incorporate a Google Maps functionality into this project, so that the list of available vehicles could be displayed on a map. That way a user who needs a ride could decide which vehicle to choose.

Sounds like a great idea. Go for it! -- ram and trishan

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