Fall 2006 Independent Study: Requirements Documents

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Post your group's requirements document here by editing this page, including a link to your document, and then upload your document. The preferred format is Microsoft Word. To upload your document, use the "Upload file" sub-menu in the Wiki toolbox.



The final versions of your requirements documents will be peer-graded, using the following rubric.

Submitted on time. (penalty only)N/AScore
Writing clear, understandable, and to the point.10Score
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation.10Score
Clean and neat layout and presentation.10Score
Quality of Content: Introduction10Score
Quality of Content: Overall Description10Score
Quality of Content: Specific Requirements50Score

Everybody will fill out an evaluation of every project, including one's own, and including the instructors. We will throw up the highest and lowest overall scores and average the rest.


Here are some instructions for uploading a file:

  1. Log in to the Wiki.
  2. Go to the Upload file menu in the toolbox.
  3. Save your file name with no internal spaces.
  4. Use the Browse button to locate your document.
  5. Optional: Put a brief description into the Summary field.
  6. Click upload file.

If you named your document MyProjectSRS.doc then the link in this page should be as follows:

[[Media:MyProjectSRS.doc|My Module Software Requirements Specification]]

Here's an example of how your document will appear after it is posted.

Example Group

WeSahana Group


  • Name: Student A and Student B
  • Title: Trinity College Community Service Management System
  • Link: TCCSMS

CC Group

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