Fall 2006 Independent Study: Schedule

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

Date Location Agenda Assignment
9/18 7:15 PM Trinity Introductions and Overview Install Sahana; Customize Installation
9/25 7:15 PM Wesleyan Building a Sahana Module Build a Hello World Module
10/2 7:15 PM Trinity or Conn Designing a Form Programming a Simple form in Sahana
10/9 7:15 PM Trinity Q/A Session
Update on Volunteer Module
Form Programming
Team/Project Selections
10/16 7:15 PM Trinity Interacting with the DB
Student Project Updates
Modifying the Helloworld module
10/23 7:15 PM Trinity Discuss Requirement Documents Complete Requirements Document
First Draft of Design Document
10/30 7:15 PM Trinity Discuss Requirements Documents Complete Requirements
11/6 7:15 PM Trinity College Discuss Design Documents First Draft of Design Documents
11/13 7:15 PM Conn College Present Design Documents Finalize Design Documents
11/20 7:15 PM TBA TBA TBA
11/27 7:15 PM TBA TBA TBA
11/27 7:15 PM TBA TBA TBA
12/4 7:15 PM TBA TBA TBA
12/11 7:15 PM TBA Presentations and Party TBA
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