MySQL Exercise

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This exercise assumes you have installed the following software on your PC:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • phpmyadmin

Problem Statement

Use phpmyadmin to create a MySQL database named cpsc225 that contains three tables. The members table stores the members of this course. For each member, the table stores the email address (primary key), full name, school, role (student, faculty, volunteer), and team number. The schools table should store the name of the school, its city, and state (CT). The teams table will store the team number (primary key) and the team name (string).

Once you have created a database with this structure, use phpmyadmin to populate the tables with data derived from the CPSC225/Classlist. For now, make up names of fictitious teams and assign members to teams.

Write a PHP program that will display a titled web page containing an HTML table that shows the following data for each member in the database. Model your program after example 6.3 from our text. Don't forget the PhpDocumentor comments.

MemberEmailSchoolStateRoleTeam Name

Hand In

For this exercise, you must post three results:

  • Your well-documented PHP Source code.
  • A link to your PhpDocumentor generated documentation for your program.
  • A copy of (or a link to) the web page that your program generated.

Follow the example provided below. NOTE: Don't post your source code solution until two hours before Monday's class.


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