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Construct is the home of Construct, an open source project for average gamers and programming geeks alike. This site provides a number of video games that run off of DirectX 9, which boasts groundbreaking graphics technology and a plethora of tools and options that help users develop advanced video games and applications.


Construct falls under the General Public License therefore allowing users to freely download the listed games and applications as well as edit the source code. There is even a “forums” section to the website, so that users cannot only interact through their coding, but also through their posts. To deliver their programs and applications, Construct utilizes the user interface library from FOSS Software, Inc.


Construct allows users to work with the top of line advanced DirectX 9 graphics engine that offers endless potential. With Construct, programmers have the option of developing life-like games by incorporating authentic physics and pixel shadings that generate realistic movements and appearances of characters. Additionally, like most open source platforms, Construct comes with debugger that helps creators resolve issues and test their programs.

My Two Cents

I believe that Construct contains great potential due to the fact that countless programmers can contribute to one game. This is beneficial in the sense that is boosts productivity and can be a crucial factor for a programmer who cannot conquer a “coding obstacle”, if you will. Moreover, once a game is in solid working condition, there is no telling how many unique versions of a game will branch off of the original code.

Relation to Open Source Spying

As with the Open Source Spying, Construct’s project provides an opportunity (that might not otherwise be available) for the average Joe to test his or her skills in a unique field. Many programmers are quite talented but unrecognized because they actively pursue their skills as a hobby instead of as a job. For some this is by choice, but for others, perhaps they would like to gain some fame or test their skills but just can’t jump into the field of programming. With these two projects, programmers and spies alike can attempt to play with the big boys in their respective fields.

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