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Open source religions attempt to use open source ideas for the creation of a religious belief system. These systems of beliefs are created through a continuous process of refinement and communication among the believers. These religions emphasize participation, self-determination, decentralization, and evolution. The followers see themselves as part of an open source movement, which does not limit itself to software, but also, applies the same principles to other types of group efforts. One open source religion is Yoism. The Yoism beliefs were created and refined through the Open Source Truth Process. This process is a social technology that was developed by Yoans working with students and faculty at The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. The project attempts to create a new way for a group to explore and explain the nature of reality and a common vision of the world.

Open Source Religion vs. Open Source Spying

Open Source Religion and Open Source Spying are similar in their use of collaboration to expand and refine information. Also, they rely on people with different backgrounds to add insight and increase the development of their goals. However, both systems are very different. The Open Source Spying Community tries to prevent terrorist attacks using Intellipedia while Open Source Religion tries to build a belief system that suits its religion. Additionally, Open Source Spying is skeptical of the sharing of information while religious groups want all people to contribute and share their ideas in order to help expand and benefit the religion. Open Source Spying must hide many secrets that must not be leaked out to terrorists and this can slow down the intelligence process and collaboration. Moreover, this is the major difference between the two open source movements.

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