Open Source Software for Humanity: Paper Presentations

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

On Monday, May 28, students will give a 7-8 minute powerpoint presentation on their term papers. To make sure that we can fit all the presentations into our (extended) class time, I'm going to make the following recommendations.

  • The powerpoint presentations should take the following general format (Recommended, not required):
    • Title page (Title, Author, Date)
    • Introduction (Main point, why this is an important topic)
    • Content (3-5 slides, explaining the key ideas in about 1 minute each)
    • Summary of Conclusion(s)
    • References and invitation for a couple of questions, time permitting.
  • Post a PDF version of their final powerpoint presentations on the Wiki and link them to this page, so that we can easily transition from one talk to the next.
  • Students should take care that their presentations do not run over into the next slot. (Points deducted for running more than a minute or so over time.)
  • Sign up for one of the time slots and post your PDF file here.
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