Open Source Software for Humanity: VMOSS Volunteer Registration and Management Guide

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Vmoss Volunteer Registration and Management Getting Started Guide

Step 1

Access the Vmoss program.

Note: Refer to the “Getting Started and Downloading Guide” if you have not used VMOSS before. Otherwise move onto step 2.

Step 2

On the main page, select the register to volunteer button on the bottom of the page or the register to volunteer button above the login menu in the upper left hand corner.

Note: If you have already registered, refer to the Managing Volunteers guide below.

Image: VMOSSPicture 1.png

Step 3

Volunteer Registration Form

Enter the volunteers information in the designated fields. If any of the volunteer's information is not provided in the “Full name”, “Create a Sahana account”, “Skills” and “Availability” sections, you will recieve an error message and will not be able to proceed in the registration process without submitting the missing information.

Image: VMOSSPicture2.png Image: VMOSSPicture 3.png Image: VMOSSPicture 4.png Image: VMOSSPicture 5.png

Step 4

To submit the volunteer's information to the Vmoss database, select the add button at the bottom of the page. (Seen in the image above)

Managing Volunteers Guide

Step 1

Enter the appropriate username and password in the provided fields in the upper left-hand corner of the vmoss main page.

Volunteer Menu

Select the volunteer drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the page. There should be four sub-menu options: “Assigned to a project”, “Show assigned”, “View all”, and “Search for a Volunteer”. The four following sections will explain these options.

Image:Volunteer Menu.png

Assign to a project

Select this option in order to assign a volunteer to a project.

Note: You need to be a project manager in order to use this option.

Show assigned tab

This option displays all volunteers assigned to a specific project.

View All

This option shows all of the volunteers in the database. You can edit a volunteer's information or delete a volunteer from a database by selecting the volunteer's name.

Search for a Volunteer

Allows a user to search for a volunteer by registered name or any registered ID number.

Projects Menu

Select the Projects menu to view project options. There should be three sub-menus: "Add New", "View My Projects", "View All".

Add New

Adds a new project to the database. This section requires a project name and project manager.

Note: There will be no project managers unless a volunteer is designated a project manager.

Image:Add Project.png

View My Projects

Displays all projects that the user is involved in.

View All

Displays all projects.


There are two sub-menus under the reporting menu: "Report All Volunteers" and "Custom Report"

Report All Volunteers

Displays volunteer information including name, activity status, affiliation, total positions held, total hours, and total monetary value.


Custom Report

Create a custom report by selecting specific volunteers


There are two sub-menus under the management menus: "Modify Abilities/Limitations" and "Approve Abilites".

Modify Abilities/Limitations

Allows users to add and remove specific skills and abilities.


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