Peer Production Virtuosity

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What does it mean in ethical terms that many individuals can find themselves cooperating productively with strangers and acquaintances on a scope never before seen?

Along ethical lines, the cooperation of individuals from greatly diversified geological groups around the globe allows commons-based peer productions such as Wikipedia to remain unbiased or false. The diversified group of editors and writers prohibits the publication of uncertified facts and false articles. The Open Directory Project puts its trust in thousands of online volunteer editors to determine which links should be selected for the directory. Peer productions greatest ethical benefit is the power granted to the individual instead of hierarchical system in which control rests in the hands managers or bureaucrats. With peer production there is no censoring or ability to promote a biased agenda. With no one to impress but those on the peer network, individuals have free reign to set their own agenda and have complete freedom of speech. The system also benefits in its ability to “motivate and organize human collective contributions by means other than contracts and monetary compensation for the use of physical capital.” The individual contribution is seen as a donation to the group instead of a contribution by a paid employee with salary to maintain. There is a real sense of giving to the greater community when no salary given for the time spent on entries.

Peer Production makes for a more virtuous society?

I also agree that peer production enterprises can have a great opportunity to make a more virtuous society. The peer production of the move “A Swarm of Angels” is revolutionary as it is an open source filmmaking venture that aims to create a 1 million pound movie with the help of 50,000 participants around the globe. Anyone who wishes can join and subscribe for 25 pounds and in exchange for their subscription they will be able to have input on the moviemaking process. Once it is finished it will then be 1 million copies will be handed out for free to participants under a creative commons license so they can download, remix and create their own adaptations. The donation of 25 pounds to gain equal access to decision making rights creates a society willing to give a little of their own money in order to make it possible to produce a movie that can be enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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