Peter Smith, Idea Possibilities

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

Dorm Utility Database A database that would allow for all students and information to be grouped by area or dorm in order to easily access certain areas of the campus in case of emergency. Possibly could include dorm maps to allow easy access for emergency workers and locations of students

Missing Vehicle A module that could hold a database of locations partitioned into a grid and has the ability to retrieve information about each grid and whether they have been searched and any evidence that has been found.


While both of these are good ideas, they would be difficult to carry out by yourself in the remainder of the semester. May we suggest that you join the team consisting of David Whitley, Mark Canning, and Colin Gigl. They are developing a digital notice board application that looks like it could use a fourth partner.

Let us know whether that works. -- ram and trishan

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