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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

Write a 200-word description of the open-source development project you propose to do for the remainder of the semester. At a minimum, the project must involve the use of a MySQL database and substantial HTML/PHP design and programming.

Professor Ellis has posted a sample problem statement on the Software_Engineering_Guidelines page that you can use for ideas on what should go into your problem statement. Briefly, this is what we want to know about your proposed project:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Description: Describe the product you will build in terms of its general purpose or the problem it is intended to solve and its main functions or features. Be brief but provide sufficient information to enable us to decide whether it is a worthwhile project.
  • Justification: Describe why you think this project is worthwhile and doable within the constraints of the semester.

Post your problem statements on this page by editing this page, creating a link to an internal Wiki page and pasting your problem statement into that page. The link should consist of your names and the title of your proposed project. An example page is provided.

Problem Statements

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