Software Design Specification

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Guidelines for the Software Design Document (SDS): Due Mar. 5

Turn in a first draft of your SDS. The final draft will be due on March 12. This document should be formatted as described in Prof. Ellis's SDS template. Prof. Ellis has included a complete example for a small-scale Similarity Assessment Project. Use it as a model in developing your design document.

For this draft, your SDS should contain several diagrams that describe the overall organization of your software module. At a minimum for this draft, there should be one or more block diagrams that show the overall architecture of your module. These diagrams should list all of main functions involved in your module. Similarly, there should be diagrams that provide a general view of the user interface(s) for your module.

Under detailed design, your first draft should contain block diagram(s) showing some (but not necessarily all) details of your functional design. That is, for each major function in your module, there be a general description of it, including how it relates to other modules. For significant pages (input pages, results pages), your design should include mock ups showing what information the page will contain.

Databse Design: Your draft should include a complete outline of the database tables required by the module. For each table you should show its attributes and what type of data they store and you should describe how the tables are interrelated.

Hand in:: To hand in your SDS draft, add a link to it here.

FINAL DRAFTS (Due March 24): To hand in your final draft, provide a link to it below, next to your initial draft. Do not remove your initial draft.

SRS Documents

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