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21 October: Development tools.

16 October: Object-oriented design and design patterns.

14 October: Application Design.

30 September: The Spring Framework.

Source code

  • A bit of conversion to the Spring Framework for our petstore.
  • Using Spring's dependency injection to create and inject beans.
  • Using Spring's JDBC wrappers to handle database access.
  • You must install these libraries into your Tomcat installation lib directory to run these examples (and any other Spring or MySQL-based web app). You could also install them into the lib directory of your web application, but please do not do this for submissions, as it will mean each of you submits 4MB of identical libraries.

23 September: Processes, requirements, and specifications.

16 September: Databases and MySQL.

Source code

  • (the petstore now uses a MySQL database, accessed using plain vanilla JDBC). To use this web application, you must create the database with the petstore.sql file in the db directory, change the name of the database in the source code appropriately, compile, build the WAR file, and install into Tomcat.

09 September: Servlets, Java Server Pages, and Taglibs.

Source code

04 September: OpenMRS and Web Application Technologies.

02 September: Introduction to software development.

Other Handouts

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