Software Requirements Specification

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Guidelines for the Software Requirements Document (SRS): Due Feb. 26

Turn in a first draft of your SRS. The final draft will be due on March 5. This document should be formatted as described in Prof. Ellis's SRS template.

To keep the SRS to a management length, we require only that you describe the software's primary functions in Section 3.2 of the SRS. It is not necessary to describe sub-functions of your software. For example, if one of the main functions is volunteer registration, you should describe it. However, it would not be necessary to its describe the data validation function as separate requirement. You can simply mention it and other sub-functions under the main one.

At the same time, it would not be a good idea to describe your entire application as one single function. You should break it down into at least three or so primary functions.

Final Drafts: To hand in your final SRS draft, add a link to it here. (Do not remove the link to the first draft and do not modify the first draft.)

SRS Documents

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