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A Guide to Open Source LicensingA Java Blog ApplicationA More Virtuous Society
A PHP/MySQL ExampleA PHP/MySQL Example with HTML FormsA PHPDocumentor Example
A PHP ExampleA Virtuous WebA Web-based (PHP) Application: Sahana
A simple arithmetic exampleAccessing the DB from an HTML FormAdding a Multilingual Hello Form to the Hello World Module
Andrew Warner Wiki History AssignmentArithtable solutionArray processing examples
ArraysBach Homework Source CodeBatting average solution
BibliographiesBloom Source CodeBranching Statements
CAISI - Client Access to Integrated Services and InformationCCSCNE 2008 WorkshopCG Source Code
COMPAS MethodCPSC225/ClasslistCPSC225/Notes/CathedralBazaar
CPSC225/Notes/ExtremeProgrammingCPSC225/Notes/GPL Public LicenseCPSC225/Notes/GPL Public License(Bobby)
CPSC225/Notes/GnuManifestoCPSC225/Notes/MySQL (Morelli)CPSC225/Notes/Open Source Initiative License
CPSC225/Notes/Open Source Initiative License(Yusuf)CPSC225/Notes/PHP BasicsCPSC225/Notes/PhpDocumentor (Morelli)
CPSC225/Notes/Querying Web Databases (Morelli)CPSC225/Notes/Unit Testing(Bach)CallForParticipation
CameraCan Open Source History be a Reliable Source?Canning, Whitley, and Gigl - Possible Ideas for CPSC-225 Project
CaptchaChris and Yusuf - Digital Suggestion BoxCommons based peer production
Community Service through Peer ProductionConferences Related to HFOSSCount by m
Course MaterialsCoursesCpsc110/Assignment/Citizen journalism
Cpsc110/Notes/Starting PHPCreating HTML Forms in SahanaCreating a Camera Application
Creating a Contacts ApplicationCreating a Hello World ModuleDalvik virtual machine
Dana MerrickDevelopment Tools: CVS, SVN, PHPMyAdmin, and PhpDocDigg and MSNBC's Newsvine
Dollars to Euros SolutionDownload and Install the Development EnvironmentDynamic Web Content
Emergencies Personnel Information SystemErnel and Greg - second ideaEthics and Peer Production
EvaluationEvaluation of Teaching and LearningExtending the VMOSS Application
Ezel PosluFall 2006: DetailsFall 2006: Independent Study
Fall 2006 Independent Study: AssignmentsFall 2006 Independent Study: Design DocumentsFall 2006 Independent Study: Participants
Fall 2006 Independent Study: Project IdeasFall 2006 Independent Study: Requirements DocumentsFall 2006 Independent Study: Schedule
Fall 2006 Independent Study: Student deliverablesFall 2007: DetailsFall 2007: Independent Study
Fall 2008: Software DevelopmentFixing VM Bugs with SubversionForms Processing in VMOSS (Sahana)
Free Stuff is Good StuffGPSGenerating binaries
Getting PHP to talk to MySQLGetting StartedGetting acquainted with Android terminologies
Getting started with AndroidGlenn Marmon, Tyler Santerre - Possible Project: Conn Emergency Medical Club OrganizerGreg and Ernel - one idea
HFOSS and OSS ProjectsHRDAGHTML Form Exercise
HTML FormsHelloWorld SolutionHistory as Open Source
Homework 2Homework 4 solutionsHoney Bee Network
How to use Subversion (Guide and Resources)Humaninet - Powering ICTHumanitarian Open Source Research
Humanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student A MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student B MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student E MySQL Source Code
Humanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student J MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student K MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student M MySQL Source Code
Humanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student P MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Student R MySQL Source CodeHumanitarian Open Source Software Development: Students N, O MySQL Source Code
I-Report and The Huffington PostIn class exampleInformation Bank
Integrated Development Environment (IDE): EclipseInternships/Co-opIntroduction: Three-Tiered Web Architecture
Is Rosenzwig Right?Java Web Application FrameworkJava Web Log: Fixes and Functionality Add-Ons
Java Weblog: LoginJokes solutionJokes template
Jon Damon, VM ConfigJon Damon MySQL ExerciseKlasik Source Code
Klein Source CodeKumud Nepal and Giovanni Capalbo, Mass Casualty Incident Problem StatementLab Exercise Procedure
Lab ExercisesLooping StatementsLooping and branching examples
Mac detailsMain PageMaking an Eclipse project for Android
Mcanning mysql Source CodeMedALMorelli and Smith
Multilingual SolutionMySQL ExerciseNarva and DeSimone
Narva and Desimone's Online Ride-BoardNotes on Commons based peer productionNotes on Wikipedia as history
Notes on open source biologyOAN -Open Architecture NetworkOpenMRS Exercise
OpenMRS Installation WindowsOpen Architecture NetworkOpen Source Beer
Open Source BiologyOpen Source Biology Issues with PatentsOpen Source Food
Open Source GamingOpen Source GeneticsOpen Source History Hurdles
Open Source MedicineOpen Source PiggiesOpen Source Projects
Open Source ReligionOpen Source Software for Humanity: AssignmentsOpen Source Software for Humanity: Exam 1 - PHP
Open Source Software for Humanity: Final ExamOpen Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 1Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 10
Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 11Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 2Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 3
Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 4Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 5Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 6
Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 7Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 8Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 9
Open Source Software for Humanity: NotesOpen Source Software for Humanity: Open Source ProjectOpen Source Software for Humanity: Paper Presentations
Open Source Software for Humanity: ScheduleOpen Source Software for Humanity: SyllabusOpen Source Software for Humanity: Term Paper
Open Source Software for Humanity: VMOSS Volunteer Registration and Management GuideOpen Source Software for Humanity: Week 3 SolutionOpen Tsunami Alert System
Open source biologyOpen source spyingOther Academic Resources
Outbreak and Disease SurveillancePHP ExpressionsPHP Twelve Days
Part III: A Better WeblogPeer Production, Virtue, and Buidling a More Virtuous SocietyPeer Production Promotes Good Virtues
Peer Production VirtuosityPeter Smith, Idea PossibilitiesPhpDocumentor Exercise (Due Feb. 12)
Platform and Server Software: Apache, MySQL, PHPPotential Student ProjectsProblem 4-11 Solution
Problem StatementProject Documentation Programmer GuideProject Documentation User Guide
Project GutenbergRMH Bowdoin Course ScheduleRMH Homebase
Related LinksRelated LiteratureReliability of Wikipedia???
Resolving the Mysteries of OpenMRSSIGCSE 2008 WorkshopSVN Overview
Sahana Forms Processing and ValidationSahana Wiki ModuleSample Data
Self Help/TutorialsSitesupport-urlSoftHumWorkshop
Software Design SpecificationSoftware Development: Apache AntSoftware Development: Apache Tomcat
Software Development: Command-line EnvironmentSoftware Development: Development EnvironmentSoftware Development: Directory Structure
Software Development: EasyEclipseSoftware Development: Exploring OpenMRSSoftware Development: Handouts/Lecture Notes
Software Development: MySQLSoftware Development: OpenMRS InformationSoftware Development: Projects
Software Development: Useful DocumentationSoftware Engineering GuidelinesSoftware Process Descriptions
Software Requirements SpecificationSolutions to the exercisesSpring 2007: Topics in Application Programming
Spring 2008: DetailsSpring 2008: Humanitarian Free and Open Source SoftwareSpring 2008: Open Source Software for Humanity
Spring 2008: Software DevelopmentSpring 2008: Software ProjectsSpring Framework DB1
Spring Framework DB2Spring Framework Part I-The ContextSpring Framework Part II-MVC
Stephen and Stephen, Scheduling SoftwareStructured Query LanguageStudent A
Student BStudent C and Student DStudent E, Student F, and Student G
Student HStudent IStudent J
Student K and Student LStudent M and Student NStudent O and Student P
Student ProjectsStudent Q and Student RStudent S and Student T
Student U and Student VStudent WStudent X
Summer 2007 InternshipSurveysSynthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology: An Open Source Model of Bioengineering?Synthetic Biology: The Next Step in BioengineeringSynthetic Biology - A Beginning of a new period
Synthetic Biology - Don't be EvilSynthetic Biology and Licensing EthicsSynthetic Biology in an open source community
TMZ and The SuperficialTeam Awesome Source CodeTemplates for Deliverables and Assignments
Term PapersThe Digital Age: Copyright vs. CopyleftThe Effects of Collaborative Work
The Freesound ProjectThe GreenStone Digital Library SoftwareThe Humanitarian FOSS Project
The Open Planning ProjectThe OxfamThe Relationship Between Peer Production and Virtue
The Sahana Code BaseThe Synaptic LeapThreeNPlus1 form solution
ThreeNPlus1 solutionThree step mac detailsTitle of my essay
Todd and Kalin - Time SheetsTopics in Application Programming: AssignmentsTopics in Application Programming: Class List
Topics in Application Programming: DetailsTopics in Application Programming: Disaster Emergency ManagementTopics in Application Programming: EMS Scheduling System
Topics in Application Programming: Emergency Response Team ManagementTopics in Application Programming: Final ProjectsTopics in Application Programming: Mass Casualty Incident Management System
Topics in Application Programming: NotesTopics in Application Programming: Online RideBoardTopics in Application Programming: Sahana Digital Suggestion Box
Topics in Application Programming: Sahana Hospital Management ModuleTopics in Application Programming: Sahana Volunteer Management ModuleTopics in Application Programming: Syllabus
Topics in Application Programming: Trinity Timesheet SystemTopics in Application Programming: Volunteer Web ResourceTurner's MySQL Exercise Source Code
Turner Hayes, Bach Dao and Kiyoki Nishio, Problem Statement for Sahana Hospital Management ModuleUNJLC-United Nations Joint Logistics CenterUnderstanding the Android Framework
Using Eclipse to Build and Apply a PatchUsing SVN in Eclipse for VMOSS projectUsing SVN to Download VMOSS
Using and writing functionsVMOSS Calendar ExampleVMOSS Model View Controller Architecture
VM module RC1 task listVM module RC2 task list Spring 2007Version Control Exercise
Virtuous Behavior from Peer ProductionWiki History AssignmentWikinews and CNN Online
Wikipedia as historyWikipedia users for PresidentWindows details
Working with MySQLWorkshop07/PHP MySQL SolutionWorkshop07/Workshop DB Script
Workshop GoalsWorkshop Goals CCSCNEWorkshops
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