Spring 2008: Software Development

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Term Offered: Spring 2008

Faculty Instructor: Ingrid Russell, University of Hartford (CT)

Course Description: From the UHart HFOSS page: "The Software Development class, CS 360, taught by Ingrid Russell, Professor of Computer Science, participated last spring in the development of a prototype for the non-profit organization Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford (LVGH) to help them manage literacy software. LVGH supports English-literacy through classes and software packages. Specifically, the class developed software that helps with monitoring literacy application usage in order to evaluate student needs, which had been done manually in the past. The software, App-Trac, also implemented the integration of reports from the various literacy software applications. A prototype of the system was developed by the end of the semester. The prototype generated by the software development class was further developed by a team of undergraduate students from the University of Hartford and Trinity College as part of a summer research program at Trinity College."


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