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Stephen Bloom & Stephen Kates

High Level Program Summary - Scheduling Software will be developed for Darien EMS. This software will require the use of databases and php to create a calendar to schedule volunteers.

Function - It will require user authentication to determine which user will be making changes. Once logged in the user must be able to see an up to date calender with the filled shifts indicated. They will be able to add their availability into the interface and save the changes. The software must send out email reminders of open shifts to all the users. This will eliminate current scheduling practices of mass emails and individual coordination. Statistics will be kept on the number of hours and number of shifts each volunteer is on duty.

Justification - This will be open source designed specifically for Darien EMS but could be changed for any service that needs scheduling.

Economy - Free for all users

Time- Must be completed by May 10th (end of semester). We feel that this project is a good scope for the time period alloted in the course.

Key Stakeholder Sign-Offs Ralph Morelli


As we've said, this a really nice project, with a real client. Just be careful to scale it so that whatever you propose can be completed during the semester.

Go for it! -- ram and trishan

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