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function bold ($var)
$var = "<b>".$var."</b>";
return $var;

$arr['first'] = "a partridge in a pear tree";
$arr['second'] = " two turtle doves";
$arr['third']= " three french hens";		
$arr['fourth']= "four calls birds";
$arr['fifth']= "five golden rings";
$arr['sixth']= "Six geese a-laying,";
$arr['seventh']= "Seven swans a-swimming";
$arr['eighth']= "Eight maids a-milking";
$arr['ninth']= "Nine ladies dancing";
$arr['tenth']= "Ten lords a-leaping";
$arr['elleventh']= "Eleven pipers piping";
$arr['twelfth']= "Twelve drummers drumming";

 foreach ($arr as $key => $value)
	echo "on the ".$key ." day of xmas my true lone gave to me ".bold($value)."<br />";
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