Synthetic Biology - A Beginning of a new period

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What is synthetic Biology?

Synthetic biology is an engineering of biology, which synthesize the biological systems such as cells, tissues, molecules, organisms to create a whole new function. The difference between Biology and Synthetic Biology is the engineering part. While biology provides information about biological system, Synthetic biology collects information about biological systems and combines them together using some tools to create new biological functions. It is like taking parts of genes, proteins, circuits to create new biological functions from the existing ones. In real world, it is like modifications of computers to improve their quality.

The Effects of the Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology might create a lot of impacts on society. First of all, synthetic Biology can be a solution for many diseases, which do not have treatments yet. It might stop death, which would be a big turning point for the world. On the other hand, by modifying the already existed diseases, it might create even worse diseases, which would be bad for the society.

The Relationship between Open Source Licensing and Synthetic Biology

Open source licensing could be really helpful to synthesize new biological functions. The modularity of the open source software would help working on different parts of the synthetic biology. The people who are involved in the open source can share what they have with the other if they would like. Since synthetic biology is about connecting the parts, it might be difficult with open source to achieve that since different parts would be taken by different people or companies. On the other, open source synthetic biology lets everyone to see the information do it does not necessarily prevent people from creating dangerous things using the parts of the biological system. However, software that allows people to mix and work on the parts to create a piece of DNA, would lead to a new era if it works out in the future.

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