The Relationship Between Peer Production and Virtue

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site


Common-based peer production is based on the contribution of the individuals either by contributing to the website with different ideas or evaluating the opinions that are already added to the website. It is a platform where individuals share information about different topics and their knowledge on the stuff that they are familiar with. This sharing creates a project out of nothing. A creation of a new system is achieved just by the sharing of any individuals who has no idea about each other. For this reason, I do not think common-based peer production represents anything unethical whatever the reason for an individual to contribute to the production.

The reading mentions some surveys about the reasons that the individuals contribute. More than half the people do it for humanity; some people do it for personal reasons such as making money out of it, getting a reputation; providing better job opportunities. This survey might not be reliable since many people might not have answered them honestly. However, I do not think the results of these kinds of surveys show the virtue of common-based peer production. As long as people share their knowledge and be a part of a production, which serves everybody I think it is okay to get something out of it.

Pandora is a good example to analyze the virtue of common based peer production. It is a website that collects different musical tones and builds up a whole new production. People contribute to this website for many reasons such us being distinguished from the other, being famous, getting money out of it eventually, just contributing for the sake of creating some good music. Whatever the reason is they make a contribution and be apart of the production which comes out to be a song created by different people.

Peer production brings different people with different abilities, creativity, productivities together. Even though the people do not know each other, they all become a part of a virtuous society by contributing to a production that serves the society.

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