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-Work duration and Paperwork filler...outer

-Kalin Gochev and Todd Klasik

-Description: An improvement over the current system of how Trinity jobs make you clock in and out and fill out time sheets. This will be a web based program that at the very least will be able to support checking of hours/days worked and the capability to automatically fill out time sheets given the database information.

-Justification: This has been a large issue working at the Helpdesk over time. This will lessen the work needed to be done by both the administration staff and the student workers as well as providing greater accuracy.


Your justification is convincing and we agree that you should "scratch your itch." But the exact functionality of the system is not clear from this description. Therefore, you'll have to do a good job of elaborating and spelling out exactly what functions the system will perform in you SRS document.

Go for it! -- ram and trishan

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