Topics in Application Programming: Class List

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site


Team NameProject TitleMembers
The GeezersGood Open Source for Humanity (GOSH)R. Morelli and R. Walde
Stephen Squared EMS Scheduling Software Student A and Student B
WeSahanaHospital Management ModuleStudent C, Student D and Student E
Team CreativeDigital Sahana Suggestion Box (DSSB)Student F, Student G
Team DatabasesUndecided (Possible Volunteer Web Resource)Student H, Student I, and Student J
CodePlayMass Casualty Incident SoftwareStudent K, Student L
Average_Joe'sOnline Ride-BoardStudent M, Student N
The FranchiseDisaster Emergency ManagementStudent O, Student P


Heidi EllisTrinityFaculty
Trishan de Lanerolle TrinityTechnical
Ralph Walde TrinityVolunteer/Auditor
Ariel Isaacson TrinityVolunteer/
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