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VM Module RC1 Tasks list
Item Type Priority Comments Contributor Status
1 Volunteer reallocation/remove ability Capability High how is this progressing Jon fixed 12/3/06
volunteers can now be removed and the vm messaging reflects changes
2 Capture volunteer data (ID, contact, photo), availability and their skills (good if you can make skills a configurable list from the admin section). Capability High need to add photo capability Antonio almost complete
3 Provide a search of volunteers available / not available with a particular skill or combination of skills Capability High/Medium author
4 Provide a printable page of volunteers (as in SAIII), contact details which can be filtered by project, skills and location. Capability High/Medium Add to report/ search page author
5 The captured volunteer data should include their mobile phones and emails if they have them. I assume you are using the core tables for these. We will subsequently use this to send SMS and email alerts to the volunteers Capability exists
6 Track the allocation of volunteers by project. Capability exists
7 Volunteer name soundex/metaphore search. You can use the same mechanism as mpr. Also search by any ID (driving license, NIC, passport) as in the MPR. Capability Medium Should be easy to transfer existing search capability author New
8 change 'show all volunteers' to maybe 'show all ASSIGNED volunteers'. Cosmetic Medium remove possible confusion RAM Fixed 12/3/06
9 In the Assign Volunteers to a Project page under the Assign Unassigned Volunteers to Project there should not be the table heading if the table is blank Cosmetic low personal preference(ignore) Alicia
10 if there are no organizations registered it says -1Organizations are registered. in the Volunteer Management -- Projects Overview Page. Cosmetic Medium this seems like a visual bug, display zero/blank instead Bach
11 under recently added projects there should not be the table heading if the project list is blank Cosmetic low Can this be tested? FIX: I added a query and conditional statement in _shn_vm_proj_display() in proj_display.inc and made necessary adjustments in _shn_vm_viewform_allproj() in view_projects.inc. RAM Fixed 11/29/2006
12 register new project: section it gives the error "You Exceeded the field size for Volunteer Service. Field size is" when you add a new project even thought the project is added bug High FIX: In the call to shn_validate_opt_field on line 173 of proj_add.inc the argument to the $max_len parameter was set to $VARCHAR, which was null. This parameter setting was set to $max_len=100 because the length of the opt_skill_code field is VARCHAR(100). RAM Fixed 11/26/2006
13 register new project: start date and end date have to be validated bug High FIX: do a strftime() on the $_POST['start_date'] and end to make sure the timestamp is larger for end date Alex + Candayce Fixed ~12/01, commited 12/04
14 register new project: the base location should have an unknown checkbox capability Medium can this be added

NOTE by RAM: I looked at this. The "Base Location" is a subform that is generated by the location_shn_form_org() function (in inc/lib_location.inc). For the checkbox to appear as part of the "Base Location" subform, this library function would have be modified. Alternatively, a VM version of the function could be written. A design question here is what value the vm_projects location_id should take. It seems that this field should be left null, which is the current action if base location is left blank. Have you tried the function shn_location(null,null,null,$extra_opts);
It has the built in checkbox for location unknown. The formatting is screwed up, I will have to look into that function when I have more time.
Fixed using shn_location(null,$_SESSION['org']['loc'],null,$extra_opts). Leaving the 2nd argument NULL didn't seem to work. NOTE: I also modified the way the location_id is set. If city is not selected, but state is selected, location_id is set to the state. If neither state nor city is checked but country is set, location_id is set to country. If none are set, location_id is set to 0, which is the value it gets when the Location Unknown checkbox is set. Is this correct?

RAM Fixed 12/3/06
15 Project Details: the volunteers table headings should not appear if the table is empty Cosmetic low If fixed on other page this should be a quick fix

MODIFICATION: On line 102 of view_volunteers.inc, made the call to _display_volunteers() conditional on there being at least one volunteer. This suppresses display of the heading.

RAM Fixed 11/26/2006
16 Project Details: location is blank even if you enter a location or do not fill it at all. bug High jon I was unable to get this error, but that may be because they do not use my gis database. I will try it without that data.
17 Project Details: the description field in can maybe be another colour since the current (grey) colour is the same as the headings (like volunteers in the same page) Cosmetic low this is a quick label colour change
Note by Jon: view_volunteers.inc, line 228

this is where to find the _display_description function.

18 Start date and end date show just a couple of zeros in the project details page so maybe that can show something like not specified or even be blank Cosmetic low minor visual irritant jon Exists?
As in #16, unable to get this error, don't know what dates they are adding?
19 The user should be able to add a volunteer to multiple projects Capability test author Exists ?
20 The user should be able to add a volunteer with multiple specialties multiple assigned tasks Capability test this feature already exists author Exists ?
21 Work Summary Reports page the search function does not work Capability Medium Exists
22 the table heading should not show in the same page in the Results section. Cosmetic low not sure what this is referring to author
23 In the Register New Project page the required fields don't show any errors even if they are empty bug High test req* fields and output error antonio
24 you don't need to fill the specialties drop down to add a project successfully bug High Add 'no specialties' as an selection and make specialties a required field. FIX: This was a nasty bug because the code in proj_add.inc looked like _shm_vm_regform_proj_add() function was testing for and displaying error message. But it wasn't. The code if($errors)display_errors() looks effective but does nothing. To fix the bug, a boolean _shm_vm_validate_proj_data() method was created. If it returns an error condition the project is not added to the DB. This method calls the library method shn_validate_opt_field(), which raises an error flag if an error condition is detected. Error messages are generated automatically by the shn_stream_close() method in the inc/lib_stream_html.inc library whenever a global error flag is raised. The lesson (for me at least) was that all our code should do is properly call the form validation method. Sahana's low-level libraries will then handle the reporting of errors. RAM Fixed 12/02/06
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