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Volunteer Management RC 2 Tasks List:

Directions: Complete the assigned tasks and provide documentation by editing the appropriate entry in the table below.

Guide: For instructions on how to download the latest version of the Sahana source code and on how to configure and install Sahana, see Fixing_VM_Bugs_with_Subversion.

SVN Repository: The latest version of Sahana source code can be downloaded from the SVN repository. Click on projct_vm.

1 Item: In every module home page link will give us a brief description about the module in volunteer management module it will give us a form when we select home link. If you can set that web form into brief description about the module that would be highly appreciated.
Type/Priority: Submitted feature request / Medium
Contributor: Jonathan
2 Item: Add capability to Upload Image when registering Volunteer
Type/Priority: Capability / High
Contributor: Kalin/ Antonio
3 Item: Enhance "Assign Volunteers to a Project" page with search capability of volunteers available / not available with a particular skill or combination of skills
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Capability / Medium/ Medium
Contributor: Todd Klasik, David Whitley, Colin Gigl
Comments:Probably needs better testing, but the basic theory works very well.
4 Item: Spam User verification step added to Volunteer registration page at the point of adding account information. Place a captcha image onto that page. This verification can be done entirely by the front end with no information about the captcha test being stored.
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Capability / Medium/ High
Contributor: Jake & Bobby
Verify that the data is entered by a human, i.e the rasterized letters you see on registration sites. Follow link for information on setting up basic Captcha-like image generator. Document your solution to this problem. As this is a capability that would be useful to anyone who develops online forms. - The code works on its own, but an upgrade could be made to make it easier to integrate with other modules.
5 Item: Provide a printable page of volunteers (as in SAIII), contact details which can be filtered by project, skills or location.
Type/Priority: Reporting Capability / High
Contributor: WeSahana Team: Kiyoki Nishio-Turner Hayes-Bach Vu Dao
Comments:When created, the page is stored on the server. If another listing of the same type (skills, location, project) is requested later, it overrides the older one. Click here to see details.
6 Item: Volunteer edit details page is missing calendar pop up
Type/Priority: Bug / High
Contributor: Yusef, Steve and Steve
7 Item: Review Coding Guidelines on Sahana Developer Wiki ensure VM adheres to guidelines, such as error handling. Recent development changes in the documentation need to be identified. Someone will need to walk through the VM code and read the Sahana coding standards and identify points of conflict. This could be in the form of a report with file or functions that do not meet the guidelines.
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Standards/High/Medium Low
Comments: Important as Alpha version goes public. Require team to research documentation and possibly look through recent posting on Sahana Development mailing list archives.
8 Item: Volunteer name soundex/metaphore search. You can use the same mechanism as mpr. Also search by any ID (driving license, NIC, passport) as in the MPR. Create a new page under volunteers to allow a user to search for volunteers by name or partial id number. The results will list the volunteers that match by name and the names would link to their viewable "volunteer details page".
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Reporting Capability /Medium/High

04.23.07 - The feature has been added, and changes have been committed to the repository. A live demo can be seen here. A volunteer for everyone in the class has been created with fake ID numbers. To test it, try searching for partial ID '1234', or name 'rahlf', or variations on your own name.
04.30.07 - Edited vol_reg.inc to update the phonetic_word table every time a volunteer is registered or edited. Added looser matching possibility when no results are returned. Included manual regeneration of the search registry that can be performed periodically in case a volunteer's name were to be changed elsewhere in Sahana. Changes have been committed to the repository.
Contributors: Jason Braunstein, Glenn Marmon, Giovanni, Kumud, Antonio

9 Item: Google maps functionality appears to be not working. Identify cause and fix for this problem.
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Bug/High/medium
Contributor:Greg Fedynyshyn, Tylor Santerre,Ernel Wint
10 Item: Location doesn't display correctly when viewing list of volunteers
Type/Priority/Difficulty: Bug/High/Moderate
Contributor: Kalin
11 Item: Additional tasks
Type/Priority/Difficulty: TBA/TBA/TBA

Tester Feedback:

Testing Group: Colin, Chris, Mark, Peter

Install and test the VM module, register a project, register volunteeers, assign and unassign them from projects. Post your feed back below: The following tasks need to be carried out for testing.

Test Results - Colin Gigl on Sahana .52-alpha
Test Results - Chris Klein on Sahana .52-alpha
Test Results - Mark Canning on Sahana .52-alpha

Functionality Testing

The following tasks need to be performed and tested successfully.

  • Volunteer Registration, logging in as self accessing and editing personal information.
  • Messaging Capability
    • Sending messages to and from project manager.
  • Adding and removing projects.
  • Assigning and undesigning volunteers to projects.
  • GIS capability
    • Test maps display information correctlty
    • Ensure location links work
  • Search/filter capabilities
  • Administrative functionality
    • Editing Skills information


Populate your database with organization information, location details, Have at minimum 50 registered volunteers, distributed amongst at least 10 projects.


Document your test results. Describe briefly your test and what results you had. If you failed or ran into problems describe it in as much detail as you can. If you come across error messages try to capture them.

Your assignment is to find problems and weaknesses in the VM module. Don't hold back. This is a application under development and we need to find its flaws.!!!!

If you have questions post them on the VM mailing list.

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