Version Control Exercise

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

We have created a subversion repository for a version control exercise. The name of the repository is repo_exercise.

Click here to run Version 19

After you have set up your subservsion client, download an instance of this application into your sandbox (your local workspace for this exercise).

  svn checkout --username ARG1 --password ARG2

Where ARG1 and ARG2 are the username and password emailed to you.

The project contains two PHP files, course_email.php and course_list.php. The second file defines an associative array that will contain everyone's name and email address, when this project is finished. The first file contains control code to display the names and email addresses in an HTML table.

Edit the course_list.php, adding your name and email address to the end of the associative array. Then test the program to make sure it works correctly.

Once you've determined that your edits are correct, upload the program back to the repository.

For more information on using SVN: How to use Subversion (Guide and Resources)

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