HFOSS and OSS Projects

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

This page contains a list of HFOSS and FOSS applications. This is a set of links to ongoing open source projects that have a community of active developers. This list could serve as an initial starting point in identifying possible HFOSS and FOSS communities with which to work.

HFOSS Applications

  • Martus Allows users to create a secure database that can be backed up remotely. Used world-wide by organizations to protect information on human rights abuses.
  • OpenRemote OSS group focused on automation and domotics. Workking on the Digital Home Operating System. The group develops software for off-the-shelf hardware.

FOSS Applications

Directories of HFOSS and FOSS Applications

  • Beaversource - A student-oriented FOSS hosting/social networking site located at Oregon State University
  • PhoenixForge A space for University of Chicago community members to host and organize open source software projects
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