Open Source Software for Humanity: HW Week 2

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From Humanitarian-FOSS Project Development Site

Due Monday, 2/4

  • Read Chapter 3 of Learning PHP/MySQL (23 pages) and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.
  • Exercise 2-1. Modify the code given in Homework 2 and save your file with the name hw2-1.php. Then open it in your browser. It should display your contact information as shown here.
  • Exercise 2-2. Modify your solution to Exercise 2-1 so that it displays exactly the same information but uses the following elements in your PHP code:
    • Variables to store your name, address, and email.
    • String concatenation to combine name, address, and email.
    • Only 1 print (or echo) statement.

Here's my solution.

Due Wednesday, 1/30

  • Read the Rosenzweig article Can History be Open Source?. Write a 1-page (no longer than 300 words) summary and review of Rosenzweig's article that either agrees or disagrees with his position. Defend your position.

Post your essay here, preferably as a Wiki page.

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